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Tora releases emotionally brilliant EP 'Cavalier'

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

London-based artist Tora released her first EP ‘Cavalier’ following the success of her debut singles ‘Vein’ and ‘Call Your Name’ produced by Courage.

With two new tracks ‘Escape Room’ and ‘Below’ included in the EP, listeners are given refreshing and experimental tracks from Tora.

Beginning with the IGTV taster song ‘Pisonia Prologue’, the mellow track, with a slow but catchy tempo, showcases Tora’s strong vocals and positions the EP well in the storytelling of her relationships.

The newly released music video for ‘Escape Room’, directed by Aliyah Otchere, perfectly captures an intimate experience, heard in Tora’s soulful vocals, and brought to life through unique artistic visuals.

Tora refers to the track as ‘the one romantic song on the project' and 'was probably the most cathartic for me to write’.

‘Vein’, released earlier this year, is sharp and emotional. The track begins with a slow, piano-driven melody sustained throughout, and builds in tempo with an experimental upbeat sound.

The song illustrates a reflection of leaving the past behind and moving on, making the track emotional and immersive for listeners.

On releasing the EP, Tora says: ‘In the process of writing Cavalier, I learned a lot about myself, and with that, I noticed how most things stemmed from the way I’d accept things out of ease. By putting it into words and now into the world, it's real and therefore I had to change.’

The EP is well-produced with a carefully ordered tracklist, reflecting Tora’s ambitions and strengths as an artist. Her sound is refreshing and identifiable making a promising and exciting future for her next releases.

Favourites from the album: Vein and Escape Room