Top 8 Feel Good Songs to Improve Your Mood in Lockdown

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

We’re all struggling during the lockdown and everyone knows that music is a great way to improve our mood. I wanted to share 8 of my favourite feel-good songs which have helped keep me sane during the last few weeks.

A few songs you may have already heard of but need reminding that they exist and the others might be a new addition to your playlist. R&B is a favourite music genre of mine so the first 4 songs are old school tunes.

Ride Wit Me - Nelly and City Spud

This is one of my favourites as Nelly is a classic artist with so many good songs, Ride Wit Me being one of them. Other songs of his such as Dilemma and Hot in Here are also great 2000’s R&B songs which could be other potential candidates for your playlist.

Ms. Jackson - OutKast

I remember hearing this for the first time in 2015 and seemingly forgetting about it as the years went on. However, now it’s one of my new favourite songs and brings back good memories from before lockdown. Listening to such an iconic song really lifts my spirits.

My House - Flo Rida

Now we all know that Flo Rida has many songs that most of us will remember from school such as Whistle, Good Feeling, Wild Ones and Low. All of his top 5 Spotify songs are worth a listen as they get your heart pumping. I chose My House specifically as the lyrics are perfect for lockdown, ‘welcome to my house, play that music too loud, show me what you do now, we don’t have to go out’. However, any of his songs listed above are songs that will get you dancing.

Work Out - J. Cole

J.Cole is one of the biggest artists in the world now and his music continues to impress. I have chosen his 2011 song Work Out as I feel that it is his ultimate feel-good song. However, his album 2014 Forest Hills Drive (released 3 years later) is full of many playlist-worthy songs such as Wet Dreamz and No Role Modelz.

These are all perfect for blasting through a speaker out in the garden sun or listening through your earphones as you lie in bed. The diversity of these songs, while all remaining within the same category, is what makes them the first 4 songs for my lockdown playlist. They’re a great mood lifter and, for me, bring back good memories from before lockdown.

Personally, I like to have a diverse playlist which doesn’t all sound the same so here are four different songs to put you in a better mood, whether that be relaxed, joyful or gets your heart pumping.

We are pretty much all obsessed with TikTok as there is not much else to do during the quarantine. I found this first song as it accompanied a TikTok video that I saw. In fact, finding inspiration from TikTok videos music is a good way to expand your playlist.


I had never heard of him before this song, so I decided to listen to a few of his other songs from his album DROPPED OUTTA COLLEGE. My favourite song of his is CITY OF ANGELS which is why it is my chosen song but his album is definitely worth a listen. This 1:52 minute song leaves you wanting more and has me pressing repeat several times.

Passionfruit - Drake

One of my all-time favourite songs and has been since it was released in 2017. It is so relaxing and yet can put you in such a good mood as many of Drakes songs do. This song is a must add to your playlist. If this particular song doesn’t take your fancy then any of his songs from his album More Life will give you the same feelings as his song Passionfruit.

Rollin' - Calvin Harris, Future and Khalid

Most of us remember this when it was released in summer 2017 but after three years it has remained stuck on our previous playlists and forgotten about. This song is such a summer tune that adding it to a recent playlist is a must. The fact that both artists, Future and Khalid feature, makes this song suitable for everyone as they are two very different artists combining their talents within one song. Calvin Harris’ song Feels (with Pharrell Williams) is also a fantastic feel-good song released only a month later than Rollin’. Calvin Harris never misses.

Toosie Slide - Drake

At first, I really didn’t like this song but, as I listened to it more frequently, I began to love it. It’s important to give this song a chance as now it’s one of my favourite songs for lockdown and has me dancing every time I listen to it! This is a new song too which is a nice change from the 6 songs I have chosen which were released prior to 2019.

Eight diverse new songs for you to listen to and add to your lockdown playlist to keep you feeling good. Hopefully, you have been reminded of songs from deep in your memory and even discovered something new. If you’re like me and struggle to find new music which you like, then my lockdown playlist should help keep your spirits lifted during the next few weeks.

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