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This Daze - 'Skiptracing'

Norwegian up and comers This Daze buzz between the routes of alternative indie throughout their most recent offering 'Skiptracing'.

Since emerging as a band in late 2019, the latest quartet of the music scene have vastly made an impression across Norway and are now slowly expanding their horizons further afield with the addictive anthem 'Skiptracing'. Tip and tapping through the trials and tribulations of life, portrayed within the worlds of 90s indie rock that scream The Strokes and their own modern pavement of sounds, This Daze share their work and give space for growth in years to come.

Regarding the single, This Daze said: “Battling out the ever-prevalent fight between internal and external forces, ‘Skiptracing’ crosses the intersection of finding oneself and finding one’s place in others. It leaves you wondering whether you should be left with a positive or negative outlook through exploiting the irony we all meet of tracing positive change without really searching for it.”

With multiple projects in the pipeline for 2022, This Daze latest single, 'Skiptracing', gives us a promising tease to what to expect.