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The Zen Arcade EP - High Fidelity

Following the dissolution of The Strypes, Ireland based The Zen Arcade come together to continue to treat us with unmissable garage rock that's evident in their most established work to date within EP High Fidelity.

Picked together in 2019, the Cavan indie-rockers follow high suit from their debut single 'Don't Say A Word' (part of their latest project) and return with the cleverly put together small yet addictive EP that glimpses their undeniable talent.

Kicked off with the striking title track 'High Fidelity', The Zen Arcade jingle and tap in bright melodies, grooved by the driven punch of drum percussions, and swiftly finish in bittersweet harmonies. Shifted by the summer breeze of indie-rock, the quartet swiftly follows with the hit single 'Don't Say A Word' - a fan favourite that's also growing on me. In conclusion, The Zen Arcade brisk in a sharp burst of thrilling alt-rock with the flow of popsicles tendencies that undertone throughout.

As we enjoy their latest work, The Zen Arcade elaborated on, 'High Fidelity and said: "It has gone from jingle to single and theme song to hit song. This piece of music originally heralded the start of an episode of Higher Fidelity but now heralds the start of an episode of success. The track was written indoors, recorded in vain and released in case. It details the details of a relationship between a cinephile with a lot of boxsets and their partner with a lot to catch up on.”

Alongside the high energy two-tracks that offer a step to new heights, The Zen Arcade also offer an exclusive podcast into the life of High Fidelity, their love for influences and the magic of vinyl.

With a unique approach into the world of EPs, The Zen Arcade are dusting the old days away and bringing a new style of modern rock to life.