The Worst Guys EP - Not So Bad

Alternative hip-duo, The Worst Guys delve into a crazy vortex of our society through experimental soundscapes that sees them jump within their debut EP, Not So Bad.

Taking influence from the likes of Tyler the Creator and Brockhampton, Birmingham rising stars hit the right spots as they reflect from their personal experiences and bring it together through a confined yet powerful five-track EP. As they consume the world, we live in through over hours facetime to restricted, boundaries. The duo (Louis Prince and Joe Marsh) collect a project that delves into a range of topics from equality and sociopolitical issues to the repetitive monotony of lockdown and its effects on mental health.

With dark basslines and harsher production, The Worst Guys open the project to 'Isolation on The Menu'. Blended by the detailed lyricism alongside the powerhouse vocals of Prince, the duo emphasises the annoying feeling of not performing live as he raps 'They said the world is going crazy so baby they shut the venue'. Through the chanting vocals and rising synthesizers, the duo flows into 'Bittersweet'. A breather compared to the first track but more powerful, as they refer to the Black Lives Matter campaigns; echoing through detailed lyrics that come from the heart of Prince.

Through a vibrant, variety of productions that gel into one puzzle, the duo's effectiveness of the album comes from the storytelling of their own lives. As we hit the middle of the EP, listeners delve into a whirlwind of sirens that lead into 'Why U Mad'. Experimenting with haunting beats, and dark rhythms, the duo encaptivate the story through a potent performance of lyrical strength.

Freestyling into the finale; the duo toll to hone their craft is perfected throughout 'More Than Meets The Eye'. Compared to the rest of the project, Prince and Joe delve into a light funk groove soundscape alongside eccentric 80s synth background. Closing off with the overall nostalgic sound that has been sprinkled across the whole EP, The Worst Guys create a perfect fitting to the end of their debut EP with 'Never Back Down'.

As they establish themselves as an alternative hip-hip duo within the music scene, The Worst Guys are going to find it difficult to top this debut EP. With time to grow, they might be able to do it as they plan to reach new heights within 2021.

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