The Underclass - 'The One'

Ticking off all the boxes left, right and centre throughout 2020; Stoke-On-Trent rising indie-rock band The Underclass have already set their mark within 2021 for their latest release 'The One'.

Known for their gritty yet intriguing sounds and emphatic live performances - 'The One' follows those footsteps as we are taken through raucous guitar riffs and intricate melodic lines; reminding us of the days we sat on the green fields of forgotten festivals.

From one venue to another, The Underclass took it down a notch but kept their driven production at the heart of the single that has us asking for more.

With 2021 still at the beginning of the race, The Underclass newest release 'The One' gives them a head start that gives listeners a world of indie-rock utopia.

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