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The Staves 'Good Woman'

Fulfilled with folk-pop and hit harmonies, title track 'Good Woman' gives us an insight into what we can expect from their first album in six years, due to be released in February 2021.

Marking their comeback with 'Good Woman'; a testament to a time of personal turmoil - seeing the end of relationships, the death of their mother and the birth of Emily's first child. The Staves soaring stripped-back title track is a true offering to be a strong woman.

Taking a break from the industry, the band have recently released two brand new tracks, 'Nazareth' (not found on the album) and 'Trying' - marking the band's first music since their collaborative EP with the New York-based chamber ensemble yMusic. In addition to new music, the English based trio have returned with their acclaimed podcast 'Dial-A-Stave, a late yet brilliant addition to the life we are living in.

With a long six years since the release of their second album, The Staves are embarking a new chapter that we can't wait to witness.