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The Pretty Visitors - 'Head In The Sand'

South Coast four-piece alternative rock band have returned with a pulsating yet resonating single 'Head in the Sand'.

Breaking onto the scene back in 2019 with a series of demos, The Pretty Visitors have found their stride with a cogent indie-rock approach. Following on from their debut single 'Mystery Woman'; the quartet are back with 'Head in the Sand' a track that delves into the never-ending work cycle and the frustration of having no understanding of why you're doing what you're doing.

Through roaring basslines and a fast-pace production, 'Head in the Sand' emphasise the honest feeling of how we surround ourselves with the questionable workload we commit to. With powerful yet angry tone vocals alongside relatable lyricisms; 'Head in the Sand' is a combination of frustration but also closure for the listeners who resonate with it.

As The Pretty Visitors bring 2020 to a close in style, 2021 could not come round sooner for the band as they might be in luck to share their anthemic rock bash live.