The Ongoing Ascent of Lock-In

"We've all listened, and we aren't stuck up in any way. So, whatever they say about us, good or bad, we will take it in."

For many, the past two years have been a series of headaches, and whilst most likely it was for the young boys of Lock-In, the London risers and Vibez top ones to watch have had a fast start to their careers.

Emerging onto the music scene with their debut hit single 'Teenager', the rising five-piece have had a year not to forget. From developing through the graceful years of 2019 to stepping off the stage of their support slot with Southampton's Pioneers, as part of their mini-UK tour, Lock-In are only at the beginning of a future hit career. Not to mention their debut EP Boys Kiss Boys teased through a roaring act within The 1865.

Following what was described as a "privilege and an honour" to play at Omeara, Lock-In have soaked up the joys of the return of live shows, and Southampton was no different. Through the ups and downs of the night, "pure buzz" and booze everywhere, there was still the presence of a band that though live shows are still new to them, Lock-In was in their element. "It's a new thing for us because, before lockdown, we hadn't really done a proper gig," said Paddy, lead guitarist of the band. As we spoke further of what shows meant to them, lead-singer Benjy added, "We're grateful to get these opportunities, to get on the stage and be performing. Even if it's a support slot or main slot, we are lapping it all up and enjoying every moment of it."

Since the last time we spoke to the band, the boys were only starting with a few singles to their names and a small fan base. Now, as we sat on the top of the roof, glazed at the sky. Lock-In possesses a debut EP, Boys Kiss Boys, representing every corner of their life and die-hard fans that follow every step of their career whilst still surprising the odd one out there. Speaking of their debut milestone, Benjy noted, "As a debut EP, it resembles us in the perfect way possible. It doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it means a lot. They are our stories, and there are stories to them, but we think it's for the users to interpret."

Yet it's not just about their music that surprises me, but the maturity of how much work they put in. "We spent five days in the studio, all best mates. It was a great time. But I think we got stronger as a band in those five days than we did over the year," shared Paddy.

And on that note, from a little home session to storming UK stages, Lock-In growth is evident through their latest work, but they don't want to admit that. "It's been a fast rise, but we don't look into it that much because at the end of the day, we know where we want to be," said Benjy. "We're grateful, but it's not really come as a surprise because we worked bloody hard to get here," further added by Padded. "But we also respect that we've got a long way to go as well."

Prepared well for the industry and learning the process of their career, with the helping hand of their management, Lock-In continues to prove against the odds. Though admitted by Benjy that "We've just taken every moment as they come and taken each step by step, and leaning of everyone we meet," Paddy said, "We've all listened, and we aren't stuck up in any way. So whatever they say about us, good or bad, we will take it in."

With 2021 being a hit year and already picking up the attention across the board, West Ham social media pinch-me moment so far, and sold-out gigs. Lock-In don't want to stop as Benjy concluded, "2022 we want to keep gigging, we want a big festival season, and we want to keep impressing people."

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