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The New Consistent - 'All That We've Got'

A refined summer bliss of optimism soundscapes within The New Consistent latest release 'All That We've Got'.

Following the routes of his two acclaimed EPs, the rising West-Midland artist is fresh out of the box and brings something new to the table with the sharp blend of undertone hip-hop with neo-jazz soul beats.

Through the tranquil vocal tones alongside the sleek production of keyboards that roll into the percussed drumbeats, The New Consistent delve into the gleaming summer. Speaking about the track, he added: "'All That We’ve Got' is a song written specifically about a time when you’re at a motive in the summer, the sun is shining, and the people you with are laughing, everything looks and feels good from the outside. You’ve had a drink or a smoke, and paranoia, confusion, and contemplation start to kick in, and you’re withdrawn from that present reality and taken to a more complex version of it inside your head."

With his growing discography reaching new heights, The New Consistent is ready to spill the tea of care-free music into 2021.