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The Native - 'Fight the Feeling'

Continuing their high-streak across the UK's music scene, The Native come back sooner than expected with the nostalgic vibes of nights out within the roaring single of 'Fight the Feeling'.

Once again taken from their live-recording session with legendary producer John Cornfield (Oasis and Muse), Plymouth based five-piece give listeners what they want through the sounds of indie-rock. From their hit debut EP Fall Down back in 2018 to their most recent work 'Fight the Feeling', The Native have shown growth over these past years even through the mess of the pandemic.

Delved into the romantic ideals of the breezy feel of a night out and trying to make it home, The Native tinge the tales of their adolescents with hooked up guitar lines and soaring percussions. Alongside the productions they are known for, lead vocalist Charlie Noordewier weaves the wail yet affective tones through specifically chosen lyrics to overall offer their feelings of what a night out is for them.

With 2021 vastly approaching its end, The Native latest work 'Fight the Feeling' gives them a step up ahead of their upcoming EP.