The Native - 'Call Me Out'

Plymouth based The Native continue to cement themselves as true indie rockers with the emotional, reflective single 'Call Me Out'.

Following their hit year of new music, finding their feet, and rocking the stages of the UK, the five-piece band find themselves once again in the heart of the bursting music scene with the staple sounds, they are known for.

Written on the terms of overcoming a toxic relationship and understanding the emotions of gaslighting, the band hook together a soundscape of indie power. Between the looped guitar-driven melodies and deafening drums, Charlie Noordewier sleek vocal tones with the overall productions treat listeners to a narrative of one but an anthem perfect to rock all night with.

From one hit to the next, The Native latest single, 'Call Me Out', joins the ever-growing discography that will put them at the forefront of 2022.

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