The Nagging Doubts - 'Berlin/Marine'

Sydney post-punk five-piece have returned with their double-sided single 'Berlin/Marine'.

Taking their high school life away, The Nagging Doubts have stepped into a new direction of dark, glimmering post-punk that's hooked through punchy baselines and atmospheric vocals. With their first acclaimed EP 'Deung Lane' receiving global attention, 'Berlin/Marine' hints at what is to come from their upcoming EP.

With influences from their parent's vinyl collection, the band delve into a feast of diverse sounds that see them take a darker tone through 'Berlin'. Bringing together refined use of synths and ambient layers that drives alongside Joy Division-esque baseline; The Nagging Doubts enters the turbulence of adulthood, resonating with their listeners. Speaking about the single, lead singer Joe Wilks said: "This new sound seemed to mimic some of the mindscapes I felt during the trip away; being in a foreign place for the first time without parents or any real anchor to remind you of a life with structure and routine. It was Berlin particularly that came to mind when I listened to the song because it was a city that seemed to run itself and didn’t feel the need to cater for tourists, it was unforgiving yet with a lot of integrity to it."

Out of the two, 'Marine' takes a slower approach, but still holds onto the new soundscapes of nostalgic production and shimmering vocals that captivate listeners. As we are delved into their own experiences of the physical and mental constraints of High School; the band bring the track to life with roaring basslines and intricate guitar riffs. Speaking about 'Marine', the band said: "The song isn’t limited to the idea of leaving school, that state of mind is also applicable to forming or breaking relationships, going through a period of self-discovery, or any period where you feel like you’ve shaken up the snow globe that is your mind and are open to anything and full of energy to get out there." The double release is the proof of growth from the band as they continue to be not afraid to experience and find a mature, coherent sound.

With 'Berlin/Marine' giving a taste of what we can expect, The Nagging Doubts can't wait to share their upcoming EP 'Autocalm' that grapples the whirlwind of their youth.

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