The Motive - 'You' & 'Meet Me (In the Pouring Rain)'

Hailing from South-West London, The Motive are back with their double release 'You' & 'Meet Me (In the Pouring Rain)'; a emphasise passion of high energy and a modern take on indie-rock music.

Having released eight singles since 2018, the four-piece band distinct sound is quickly gaining attention among local and worldwide fans. Alongside their ongoing records, the band have a reputation of electrifying live shows and we think their latest releases are at the forefront of their music.

'You', the ninth single from the band, combines elements of their growing influences from the likes of The Smiths and Johnny Marr's raucous guitar melodies; infused with their love for upbeat production and sonics that portray influences such as The 1975. Written by lead singer Max, 'You' embarks the height of the good weather in lockdown; that reflects the joyous sound of the track. From being a steady ballad to a fast-paced summer anthem, The Motive might have just created our favourite song from them.

On the other hand, 'Meet Me (In the Pouring Rain)' keeps in with the mood of society regarding the lockdown and coronavirus. With slow moody tones and subtle drumbeats, that flows alongside meaningful lyrics; The Motive portrays a journey of meeting someone you love in the pouring rain after a "lockdown".

With both recorded at Panic Button Studios in Hampton and produced by Steve Lyon (Paul McCartney & Depeche Mode), the quartet perfectly matches their nod to 80's influences with gated reverb swallowing drum sounds and treated vocals.

As they work effortlessly and committed to their craft, The Motive are thriving with their modern-day indie-rock sound; that is going to finally put them on the music map.

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