The Hidden Gems of Summer

Running a music blog is fun and games until you lose your time around the music you get sent over and feel bad that you can't cover everyone. But to make things easier, we look at the past few months of summer and pick the hidden gems of the best EPs.

The Novus - Thaleia Standing

Rising Midland-outfit, The Novus, have been making me enjoy the rays of their debut EP as they take us through the musical scope of 70s rock to modern post-punk they have grown to love.

From the stand-out, gritty guitars alongside the soaring vocal tones to the assured mannerisms of their characteristics, The Novus offer a five-track EP that showcases their dedication to reaching the best. With 'Castaway' and 'I Serve Not' already being a fan favourite, the rest entwine into the overall meaning of Thaleia Standing - the idea of us conforming to society's expectations.

With their debut project warming to many. The Novus finally reach the heights of Birmingham and will be soon rocking the rest of the UK.

Kean Farrar - Suite Bittersweet

Berlin RnB/pop riser Kean Farrar delves into the wonders of his upbringing into the magical yet resonate debut EP Suite Bittersweet.

Through the sensual vocals that bounce between the intricate percussions within the opener 'Get Enough' to the pop embodiment of 'City Life', fans can enjoy the storytelling of a young man who balances between the ups and downs of city life, told within the detailed yet echoed lyricism offered within the four-track project. Speaking about his latest work, he added: “I wanted to give these four songs their own space to live in, which is Suite Bittersweet. Hotel rooms have something bittersweet about them, they look nice but are temporary. I feel like the EP’s themes, the temporal aspect of excitement and thrill pertaining to new relationships, translate well into a hotel room environment.”

Being inspired to pursue music from a young age as he reflects on the time of Soundcloud, Kean is slowly becoming a star to watch.

Lock-In - Boys Kiss Boys

London rockers are becoming the new band to love with their fun adolescent but truthful take on the world of youths - one that's evident in their debut EP Boys Kiss Boys.

Leading with the dazzling 'I Caught Feelings' to the modern post-punk 'Yours Sincerely', the four-track EP is crafted by the influences of friendship, love, and the sour experiences of heartbreak we have all gone through.

Following their hit single 'Get Over It' (that amassed over 60,000 streams), Lock-In find themselves bouncing between their debut EP and make way through the music scene within their own lane.

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