The Great Leslie - 'Money'

With a reshuffle, The Great Leslie are back with their latest offering 'Money'; a slick and sublime track that reminds you that Rock N Roll is here to stay.

Previously known as Ollie Trevers, the London-based alternative rock band have combined raw vocals, with a rock and roll swagger that makes you want more. Speaking about the single, lead singer Ollie Trevers said: "Money is a song influenced by a past relationship, where I found that my partner was very materialistic which in turn made me realise how different we were as people." He also added "Money to being a bloody banger!"

Within 'Money', The Great Leslie brings poetry to their lyrics, distinctive vocals and psychedelic rhythm; that encaptures an array of talent.

The Great Leslie have gained attention across the board and if you're a fan of Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, then listen to their latest single here.

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