The Covasettes - 'Modern Rapunzel'

Forget about this week Friday release as Manchester-based, The Covasettes have had me rocking throughout the week with their emphatic single 'Modern Rapunzel'.

Delving into the influences of Circa Waves and Vistas, the veins of the soundscape The Covasettes produce is a familiar yet unique one that sets a tone throughout the sound of indie-rock. Whilst they have kept quiet throughout lockdown and took the time to write a vast of new songs - 'Modern Rapunzel' proves they still have that fiery touch.

Through the noughties, rock-inspired atmosphere alongside strumming riffs; lies beneath a stronger meaning of drifting away in a relationship and kidding yourself that things will get better. Speaking on the track, lead singer Chris Buxton added: "We’re in a period now where there’s less pressure on us to release music so, we wanted to bide our time and keep writing new music until we had a song that blew us all away. And it became clear pretty quickly that Modern Rapunzel was exactly the song we were waiting for."

As the amplified soundscape rings within, The Covasettes start of the year is one to tell us what 2021 will bring for the quartet.

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