The Clockworks - 'Can I Speak to A Manager?' is Pure Alt-Rock Perfection

The Galway four-piece band has once again served us with their inspired new single 'Can I Speak to A Manager?'

Inspired by the straight-up social commentary of lyrical icons such as John Cooper Clarke and Mike Skinner, sees James McGregor take 'Can I Speak to A Manager?' on a journey of a furious and funny rant about modern life, sparked-off by a call to customer services; through fiery riffs and sardonic commentary.

Throughout, The Clockworks reminisces the frustration and frenzied references of the everyday. From the embitter experience of telephone customer service to the financial pressures and propaganda of living in a broken system. McGregor lets it all out through a hostile monologue that is matched with the infectious sore and pneumatic rhythms; that creates an exhilarating single.

Speaking about the single, McGregor said: "Musically I think it is one of the starkest and darkest tracks that we have. In essence, it’s a simple story of getting a dodgy laptop and having no luck on the phone to the company who sold it. Without the “fast-food distraction” factor I hoped the laptop would provide, I looked around for something else to do and found nothing. Nothing on TV, nothing in the fridge, showering for some purpose…Spending money to try and buy some purpose just makes me more cynical...I wanted to sort of drill in the phrase “Can I speak to a Manager?” to get a feeling that everywhere I look, that question is there."

With such high energy and boisterous sonic tenacity, The Clockworks are a band to keep your eyes on as they emerge through with an immense promise.

Forget about the likes of IDLES and Fontaines D.C, we have a new band on our street.

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