The Backfires - 'Song 55'

Transatlantic indie rockers The Backfires have recently unleashed their angsty Arctic Monkeys-esque indie-rock banger ‘Song 55’.

Rebelling against the capitalist cog and revealing in the joys of creativity, The Backfires latest single is what the band calls “A middle finger to the hyper commercialization of creativity”. Featuring early noughties-era electric guitar hooks and a high energy rhythm section, ‘Song 55’ is a radio hit ready to happen.

The glistening sharp guitars, energetic drum fills, impressive vocals and unbelievably catchy chorus immediately captivate the listener and gets their toes tapping and wanting more; this track is impossible to dislike. It has unbeatable energy and is a must-have in your playlists!

Speaking about the track, the band state, “’Song 55’ captures the attitude of people in their twenties, the apathy towards 9-5 work and joining the capitalist cog. The title comes from the reality that it’s the 55th song we wrote this year but also references the notion of artists needing to churn out song after song."

If you’re a fan of Arctic Monkey’s and Inhaler, The Backfire’s are a band you need to check out as the band are on a promising career for 2022.

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