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The A.V. Club - 'Mistakes'

Warrington-based The A.V. Club are bringing all the stops within their new phase of indie-pop that sees them thrive throughout their first offering, 'Mistakes'.

Following on from their EP 'Youthful Illusions' and hit single 'Over You', the electro four-piece dive into the anthem of our adolescence and show growth within their work as they continue to prove to be One to Watch.

Through the bittersweet journey of hooked synthetic melodies with nostalgic undertones, the quartet travel into a story that we all try to ignore yet reflect on as we enjoy the soundscapes of euphoric beats that delves into the heartbreak, we all miss. Even without realising, The A.V. Club send listeners into a hole of emotions as we resonate with each part of the honest lyricism we are shown.

Whilst we are only set within the early months of 2021, The A.V. Club are showing promising sights that fans of Fickle Friends and The 1975 will soon catch on.