Tep No - 'We Could be Cool'

A gleaming new offering that weaves through electronic soundscapes; leading to the ever-growing feeling of missing physical connection within Tep No latest release 'We Could be Cool'.

As he continues to amass over a million monthly listeners to sharing stages with The Chainsmokers and Robin Schulz; Canadian singer-producer is now entering a new era. Through calming arrangements of bursting synths with sharp vocal tones alongside the surroundings of slow-burner, atmospherics; Tep No finds the perfect mixture to create an honest meaning within his latest release.

'We Could be Cool' reflects on the physical connection we have lost with our love ones that can resonate with all listeners throughout this period. Adding onto the subject, Tep No said: "It’s about missing the physical connection, wanting to hold someone close but not being able to because someone is quarantined away from you if someone died because of COVID etc. We take physical connections for granted, especially since we didn’t anticipate any of this and, I’m sure that many people long for conversations, physical connection, intimacy etc. that they aren’t getting currently."

From one end of the music scene to now embracing his own agenda, Tep No year ahead is one to be not missed.

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