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Temptress - Body EP

London-based alt-pop/R&B duo Temptress makes waves with their EP Body - a stellar debut written, mixed and mastered by the duo themselves.

Combining smooth vocals with intimate songwriting, Body is a bittersweet love letter to reclaiming identity and independence in our society. Temptress fuses modern takes on R&B with alt-pop and hints of lo-fi. The EP begins with the titular track ‘Body’, a catchy beat-driven opener that sets the tone with its gentle yet powerful vocal delivery and stunning production.

Followed by the throwback anthem ‘My Heart Can’t Break Anymore’, Temptress play out their artistic vision beyond just the music with stunning accompanying visuals filmed in their hometown. ‘Anxiety’ details a vulnerability that is all too relatable in today’s political and social climate, with disarmingly honest lyrics. The curtains close with ‘Right Here’, an ode to the 90s R&B influences that pervade their sound.

With a Rejjie Snow support slot and Clara Amfo showcase under their belt, Temptress are no stranger to the music industry. They describe the EP as a ‘defining moment’ in their artistic careers and elaborated further: “It’s a really exciting and special feeling to come into our own and be truly comfortable and confident with the music we are making. Almost as much as the music, making our own visuals for this EP played a big part in telling its story. From directing our own videos to creating our own artwork, the DIY spirit of this EP helped it be as personal and true to us as possible.”

A wonderfully powerful debut, Body is a bold statement to the duo’s artistic capability and vision. With raw honesty and clear direction to their sound, Temptress certainly set the tone for what’s to come.