Taylor Roche - 'why can't we?'

Auckland pop riser, Taylor Roche glistens within 'why can't we?' as he comes to terms with his emotions of love.

Written back in 2018, 'why can't we?' came to life from the top of a page within a notebook that delved into the fear of telling someone your feelings but they don't reciprocate the same ones. As the list bloomed - the lyrics of his latest offering resonates with others as he becomes more aware of his ever-growing understanding of the raw experiences of love.

Waved between the blend of deep synth melodies with the subtle inspiration of 80's pop; Taylor brings a modern twist to his offering. With the crisp vocal tones he possesses, ‘why can't we?' becomes the perfect pop obsession to catch onto throughout 2021.

From travelling the world through cruise lines to now establishing himself in New Zealand; Taylor Roche is taking his aesthetic pop sound to the next step.

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