Taylor Roche - 'Sucker For A Lonely Heart'

New Zealand sweetheart Taylor Roche continues to cement his name further afield of the music scene with the favourable sounds of retro-pop within his latest single 'Sucker For A Lonely Heart'.

Sending through a nod to influences of Prince and the modern love of Troye Sivan, Roche finds himself swimming deep into the blend of 80s and 90s soundscapes. Though bringing alive a nostalgic feel, Roche's stylish production and approach to what music is in today's society speak volumes of a future artist.

As Roche keeps to his true colours of music, the rising singer-songwriter delves into the tales of the crushing awareness that the person you love has moved on and shares his feelings through wrenching lyrics such as "is it half-time yet?" By portraying urgency and hysteria alongside specifically chosen tendencies of sounds, listeners overall resonate a story of modern love yet can enjoy the euphoric single take them off their feet.

With a growing discography at his hands, Taylor Roche latest single, 'Sucker For A Lonely Heart', gives him a step up to what 2022 holds.

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