Tannergard - 'DNCE'

Swedish newcomer Tannergard steps out into the scope of being solo with his glistening debut 'DNCE'.

Known to have credits with Martin Jensen and Molow to already bedecking We Are FSTVL, Tannergard pushes the boundaries with the carefree feeling of living in the moment throughout 'DNCE'.

Swept with the contrasting silky beats that journey into rising basslines, 'DNCE' is completed with the soaring selection of Carys Selvey vocals and takes listeners to dance heights that are ready to take you out till the early morning. Speaking further of the track, Tannergard noted: "I've put my heart and experiences into this record, so DNCE is a very personal song for me. Most of us have gone through some heartbreak and trying to get over that can be tough. Sometimes, you have to make a decision to keep growing instead."

With 'DNCE' giving glimpses of what's to come, Tannergard will be the name of the future.

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