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SXMSON - '(Please Don't) Talk About Love'

London born and raised SXMSON ignores the world of love with the addictive tongue-in-cheek pop single '(Please Don't) Talk About Love'.

Based on his experiences of being pressured into a committed relationship and the perception of dating, SXMSON anti-love song is a positive outlook of the dreaded world we face. With the display of hard-hitting lyricism, SXMSON juxtaposed productions of smooth 2000s R&B undertones with the blended upbeat scope of modern music gives listeners a feel-good feeling of all things of opposing love.

As we're entranced by retro sounds and a story of one, SXMSON noted, “'(Please Don’t) Talk About Love' was written during a particular time in my life when commitment and being in love would really freak me out - It kinda still does. And it's about owning how you feel, being honest with your emotions and not feeling bad about just wanting fun instead of commitment."

With writing credits across the board and slowly building a discography of bashful pop music, evident in '(Please Don't) Talk About Love', SXMSON is ready to hit the bar.