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Swim School - 'Anyway'

As 2021 gets into full swing, indie newcomers Swim School are vastly becoming more than just kids on the blocks and continue their rise with the anthemic single 'anyway'.

Following their hit singles 'outside' and 'let me inside your head', the fast-rising Edinburgh four-piece delve into the insecurities and vulnerabilities of one through the juxtaposition of thrashing beats with the flow of sensualised indie-pop undertones.

As they explore the difficulties of opening up, swim school open and honest lyricism flows within the candid production; making it the perfect track to sink into on a chilled summer night. Speaking of their latest work, vocalist Alice Johnson added: "For the lyrics in 'anyway', I wanted to highlight how it may be difficult for people to simply open up to others. It’s challenging to try to explain an unexplainable feeling to someone and expect them to understand what they are going through when they don’t even understand it themselves."

From old-school influences to modern, dreamy pop - Swim School are ready to share their most anticipated project to date with their debut EP making sense of it all.