Susan: Rose - A True Insight into Finding Yourself

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

'Rose', the fourth monthly release from Susans' mixtape 'suepreme', follows from the likes of 'fake love' and 'wild time'; is virtually beautiful.

Susan has become an artist to watch through experimental electro-pop that explores the overpowering feelings of growing up differently. Taking influence from artists such as FKA Twigs, Pulp and Lorde; Susan has created a sound that is undeniably dark and luminous pop, with a brutal hitting message.

The repetitive ominous electronic loops and the mechanical beat, which flows alongside poetic singing, discordant noises and abstract vocals, creates a sense of surreal daydreaming, that takes you on a utopian getaway.

Photos by Charles Maddocks

Out of all the releases so far, 'rose' has come out the strongest and proves that Susan is making an impression within the pop scene. Speaking about the release, Susan explains: "'Rose is a track written about finding yourself within spaces where self-love isn't acceptable; Eventually pushing you to a place where you experience a higher knowledge of self. It's about releasing your worth through self-doubt and depreciation." Throughout her mixtape, she has accompanied listeners with visuals that are aimed to create their own personal understanding of the events that take place.

Susan also added: "The music video is a co-directed project with filmmaker Charles Maddocks who worked closely with me to enforce a vision that we both saw was fitting for this track. The video follows the main character leaving the ‘trip’ of the party and finding themselves in a safer environment. Essentially this video is a metaphoric take on being followed around by negative thoughts, eventually pushing you to find yourself. Co-directing the visual was so essential for me as we wanted to keep it as hyper-fantasy as possible."

With only starting out in 2017, Susan has gone to play at Latitude Festival, sell-out gigs across the UK, walked the runway for 'London Men's Fashion Week' and worked with industry stars such as Rob Baldock and CackleHill. Even though Susan hasn't been in the industry for that long, the artist has experienced world-renowned events and still got one hell of a future.

'Rose' is overall hitting and alluring through blissful electronica pop that is going to put Susan on the music map.

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