Susan - 'Hold Still'

Following their pensive mixtape Suepreme, Susan's 'Hold Still' is a celestial exploration of self-identification, depicted by magnitudes of captivating dark-pop.

Through the evocative emotion of personal experiences, Susan vocal tones strain the pain of unrequited love and deep within the detailed arrangement of electronic soundscapes that yearn on the heart-sleeve lyricism - portraying a story of one.

Speaking about 'Hold Still', Susan adds: “I wrote hold still after effortlessly falling in love with one of my friends. It’s a song for those of us who are never to be loved back. Those of us who don’t fit and those of us who want to. 'Hold Still' is an identity of how I love; I love long, pathetically, and fairly. I am going to wait for you, however long you need and know that you probably won’t need me at all. There are no metaphors here, just truth.”

Alongside the aerial visuals of 'Hold Still', Susan's first offering of 2021 is the perfect escapism of the chaos we're living in.

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