Sunken - Hometime EP

An intoxicating, lo-fi indie EP that encapsulates everything that Sunken have learnt.

The five-piece band from South-London have slowly revealed more of themselves with the steady release of three new tracks. That has come together with the full release of 'Hometime' - a captivating 5-track EP that marks the end of an almost 2-year hiatus of growth and development for the band.

Taking elements of soul, trip-hop, and indie-electronica sees the band create a project that logs a journey through the minds of one of the most unique British bands. With their talents as songwriters, musicians and producers, they take listeners on a deep and intimate dive into the dark corners of a break-up and what comes afterwards.

Alongside the likes of 'Sorry For Everything', 'Somewhere Not Real' and most recent 'Visions Of You', the EP also includes two further new tracks that complete a vivid picture of what Sunken are capable of.

Started by siblings Poppy and Finn Billingham, Sunken was born in the lives of their bedroom; driven to end their continuous arguments. Today they are now joined by band members Finn Boxer, Jonah Winslet and Clem Appleby, that gives the band a sense of individuality and home truths.

With a dreamy evocative EP to their names, filled with mesmerising beats and beautifully toned vocals, Sunken seem to know where they are heading.

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