Su, I Think - 'Pipe Dream'

Formerly known as Susan, London based riser Su, I Think debut 'Pipe Dream' is pop-rock at its finest.

Based on the premise of desperately wanting more yet not knowing how to move on from the current situation, Su, I Think alternative perspective is an addictive yet more so, personal resonate outlook to our society. With the helping hand of producer James Casper and experimental routes of sounds, Su, I Think feelings are captured throughout.

Entailed by the change of direction and want to make an impact in music. 'Pipe Dream' is fulfilled by the undertones of dark-electronica pop beats swept through the frustration-esque productions that scream through angered lyricism. Speaking about the story they explore, Su, I Think, said: “‘Pipe Dream’ is a track written about realising the life that you’re living is not the one you dreamed of as a kid. It is about looking at the state of your life and allowing yourself to feel angry. It’s about being pathetic and putting yourself to the side before doing anything about it. Essentially this song is me winding myself up and doing nothing to remedy it. I think we have all been there."

Returning to the music scene in style with the face of a new brand, evident through 'Pipe Dream', Su, I Think future holds out to be one that is going to be watched by the millions.

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