Stay Lunar - 'Immediately'

With a quiet few months away from the screens, Stay Lunar appear through the smoke of indie-pop and erupt within their latest single, 'Immediately'.

Swelled with the nostalgic feeling of getting back out there in society and harnessing the fear of post-lockdown life - Bristol-based five-piece journey through the emotions and find reconciliation within the essence of hope. As they hook you from the first beat with the bittersweet synths through to the delicate yet impactful vocal tone, Stay Lunar capture the true meaning of what they are feeling through the detailed lyricism of the track.

Speaking about the time of writing the words, lyricist Harry explained: “We were starting to realise that we couldn’t put a timeframe on the return of live music and even getting together to write. I found this hard to deal with on top of the general life strain caused by Covid-19, and sleep became my escape from these thoughts and fears.”

As they prepare for the blissful fields of summer, Stay Lunar raw yet honest take on the world of music will soon be winning the hearts of many.

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