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Split the Dealer - 'Chinchilla'

Tied between 90's influence and modern pop, Split the Dealer bring an explosive pop-rock to the table with his latest single 'Chinchilla'.

Through soaring vocals and fundamentally honest lyrics, 'Chinchilla' is an observational track written whilst Sam was working in a pub. With lofty guitar riffs and the bullish production that comes with it; 'Chinchilla' becomes the whole package to beat to.

Speaking about the single he said: "I saw a lot of people come in, flash some cash and treat everyone like they were beneath them. You’d also have these other people come in, that you probably wouldn’t want to fight. It was amazing to see how the rude people would suddenly curl up and stay quiet at the sight of them. You see that a lot in workplaces, and just in general life. I thought it would be an interesting concept to write about."

From becoming an official Sennheiser artist to working on an upcoming collaboration with Focusrite, Split the Dealer is in the making for one future.