SPINN - 'Stargazing'

Liverpudlian risers SPINN daze into the scope of the obscurity of love with their latest work, 'Stargazing'.

Being their latest single to be taken from their forthcoming second album Outside of the Blue, the four-piece outfit once again offer their most devoted fans illusional hooks filled with nostalgic festival-ready soundscapes.

With pushing through the boundaries and commenting on their own experiences of life, from anxiety to the disappointment of the government, 'Stargazing' takes a piece of their emotions of love - inspired by the narrative of the 2014 horror flick 'A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night'.

Speaking about the inspirations, frontman Johnny Quinn explained: "It’s about this woman who is a vampire in this rough fictional town in Iran called ‘Bad Town’. She goes around and kills all the drug dealers and s**t, but then she falls in love with this guy who looks like James Dean. I don’t really cover that aspect in the song, but I just liked the way the person doing all the gory killing in the film was actually a woman. It’s so different to the sort of traditional horror films, where it’s always the woman getting chased by the big bad man. The majority of my favourite horror films are set in the early ’80s, so that’s why it has such an 80’s style sound."

Outside of the Blue is set to arrive on 5th November via Modern Sky UK. You can check out ‘Stargazing’ above.

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