Spencer Sutherland - 'Wonder'

Los Angeles-based alt-pop star, Spencer Sutherland is back with his dreamy pop single 'Wonder' that delves into his own mind.

With already a productive year from the release of his singles 'Help' and 'Too Many Friends'; Sutherland allows listeners to explore the consciousness he experiences in 'Wonder' as he sings: "Oh I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder if I'm ever gonna stop wondering about you?" Through contemplative beats alongside soaring vocals, complemented by the reflective lyricism; the song becomes an insight into the artists confusing thoughts.

Alongside the soulful track, the artist provides listeners with a beautifully crafted video as Kate Sarife (known for the role in Annabelle) act as his counterpart of feelings. As he finds himself strolling on the beach, the video fulfils aesthetics of the 70s from rich colours to nostalgic fashion all whilst Sutherland tackles the feeling he holds.

With 2020 coming to a close, Spencer Sutherland isn't stopping as he gets set for his next journey of working alongside Victoria Justice and Midori Francis for Netflix original 'Afterlife of the Party'.

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