Sounds Like A Storm - Try and Entertain Me

Exhilarating and channels the punk rock attitude; the Leeds quartet makes a bold return with their daring demo 'Try and Entertain Me'.

Even though it's a demo, 'Try and Entertain Me' dips into the continuous anger and frustration of the current climate of the world; that is amplified through the bands' technicality, theatrical live shows and relentless work ethic.

With music at the heart of the system, 'Try and Entertain Me' is fulfilled with intense drums and over-top riffs that are combined lyrically through vivid commands and actions that can't be ignored. All of which creates an image of society and the inner frustration of the youth.

Sound Like A Storm have taken influence from the likes of The Blinders and Arctic Monkeys, with a hint of IDLES; that creates a punk-rock anthem oozing rock and roll swagger.

With genre-defining music and sell-out shows nationwide, there's no way people can stop Sound Like A Storm get what they want.

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