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Sounds Like a Storm - 'Make it Better'

Yorkshire based glamour-rock quartet Sounds Like A Storm return at their finest peak within 'Make It Better'.

Emphatically causing a stir between the ranks of their hometown - Sounds Like A Storm are looking pass the border and crossing the line for their gritty yet candid approach to indie-rock. As they immerse themselves within the inner-punk they hold, Sounds Like A Storm distorts through swarming beats and the flow of thunderous riffs.

With the aim of delivering hope through an ironic dusty track, Sounds Like A Storm delves into the life of love and hate and the idea of things getting better for each of us. Speaking about their latest release, frontman Sennen Ludman explained: At the time I wrote this song, my dad was in hospital. I wrote this tune one night in January - it came from nowhere. I suppose, lyrically I am picturing things I love, this escapism from hospital wards and the trauma of what I was going through. The juxtapositions bounce in and out throughout the song. This feeling of isolation and loneliness felt unusual at the time but now for everyone in the world through the pandemic has become almost second nature.”

Whilst live music is still one to be in the distance, we can still enjoy the inner-rock we possess within the space of our bedrooms through Sounds Like A Storm latest offering, 'Make It Better'.