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Sophia Alexa - 'House of Cards'

For some, a debut can go all wrong, but for London based newcomer Sophia Alexa finds herself stunningly aware within the introductory single 'House of Cards'.

Immersed by the ups and downs of living in different countries, Alexa found comfort in music and endured her love for artists such as Carole King and Stevie Nicks. With the influence of classic singer-songwriters within today's society, Alexa showcases a world of folk indie-pop with an addictive, modern take.

As listeners are delved into the life of a young woman, portrayed by the depiction of simple productions and serene song writing, Alexa noted on the track: "'House of Cards' was written from the realisation that my old self-beliefs were built on a foundation that required external validation. It’s a moment in time where I blindly followed the beliefs of others rather than my own. The chorus is the moment when the glass shatters and what you thought to be true falls apart. I remember going into the studio that day with no concept in mind, just an overwhelming feeling of emotions that I could only translate into a metaphor as fragile as a house of cards."

With a unique edge to her craft, Sophia Alexa still has time to grow but offers a debut that is effective in all corners.