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Soda Blonde - 'In The Heat Of The Night'

With their debut album, Small Talk around the corner, Soda Blonde give a stunning rendition of alt-pop within 'In The Heat Of The Night'.

Shoegazed through with the melodic groove alongside staple vocal tones that holds between dark percussions - the Irish band move away from the ranks of Little Green Cars and venture the new order of music.

Speaking about their latest release, O'Rourke described: "The music possessed an attitude that I wasn’t familiar with as a songwriter. It deftly evoked the neon of night and brought Scorcese’s Casino to my mind. Our goal was to create a song that had everything we wanted to hear. It allowed me to write, uninhibited by the labour of self-analysis. It’s a song about conflict and getting a kick out of it. The thrill of the fight."

As they delve into the messy parts of themselves and take control of their past, Soda Blonde regain their identity and prepare for the routes of their next project.