Sleephawk - 'Disconnected'

London-based experimental artist Sleephawk delves into the power of modern technology within his new single 'Disconnected'.

Embracing new soundscapes, Sleephawk moves away from textured guitars of his past singles and takes a successful risk in potent synths and electronic productions. Taking inspiration of The Great Hack and The Social Dilemma, Sleephawk aka Matt Wright allows listeners to jump into the anxious discord between human beings and the devices that surround us; emphasised by the trickling beats and down-tempo assemble.

Speaking about his latest work, Sleephawk said: "‘Disconnected’ came from an instinctive place and, then was finished off by watching [Black Mirror episode] ‘Smithereens’. With Sleephawk, in general, my focus has been very much on the weirdness of social media and the weirdness of just this new world that we live in and my discomfort with it, and how it affects the way that I live." He added: "I've always been interested in algorithms, but recently, it was just a wake-up call of that we're not independent or as objective as we'd like to be. We're just all being played off against each other, and it's just that kind of 1984realisation that we are not the ones in control."

As he continues to hone his craft, Sleephawk has bought us indie James Blake-esque infused with FKA Twigs productions, perfect for an evening journey of fantasies.

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