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Skyler Cocco Shares New Single 'The Drive'

New-York based artist, Skyler Cocco returns with her glistening synth-pop 'The Drive'.

Crafted amid quarantine, 'The Drive' started out as a demo built on a guitar sample from electro-pop trio MUNA's Splice 'World Saving Sample Pack." But after submitting the barebones she put together; MUNA recognised it as her standout track and Skyler decided to go forward as her next single. The combination of dreamy chillwave production with irresistibly catchy lyricism makes you have this hidden gem on repeat.

“I wrote ‘The Drive’ to reflect on a time where I’ve said things I didn’t mean to my partner or lashed out in a way that made them feel insecure in the relationship," she writes on the inspiration behind the song. "It's the cooldown period after a fight, where you take some space to really let your own words resonate and see where you were wrong in a situation, and realize what you’re putting at stake by not changing those behaviours."

Since the age of eleven. Skyler constantly experimented with music and by the end of high school, she had taught herself to play guitar, bass and piano. From her debut album 'Reverie' to new music, Sklyer has continued to hone her sound that has seen her blend dream pop with alternative rock influences alongside soulful vocals; telling her own personal journey through inspired lyrics.