SK and The Kings - 'Thrill'

Taken a cut off from SK's debut EP, 'Thrill' delves into wanting something you can't have through an infused blend of neo-soul jazz.

Born and raised in Luton Town, SK has taken a variety of influences such as Prince, Cleo Sol and Stevie Wonder that has led to warm yet compelling artistry. As she has continued to hone her craft and at the heart of working hard alongside her band, SK has offered us a lively tune fulfilled with groovy atmospheric production.

With an inspiriting single, SK spoked more about the single and explained: "'Thrill' is the age-old tale of wanting something or in this case, someone, you can’t have. I wrote this song about a situation one of my girls was going through and, I found her story so relatable because we’ve all been there, or thereabouts at one time or another. It's her asking the person in question to make their choice. I didn’t want this to be a sad story so, it’s deliberately upbeat, to show that we’re all strong enough to ask the hard questions when we’re not getting what we deserve."

From one single to another, SK's artistic approach is the perfect warmth to winter.

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