Sizzy Rocket - Anarchy

An open collection of rebellious queer pop, punk and hip-hop genre-blending tracks that define her artistry.

American singer-songwriter, Sizzy Rocket is the best friend you wish you had growing up as she constantly breaks the rules with her DIY approach.

The 10-track album immerses listeners in the world of Anarchy through the lens of Rocket's psychedelic yet warms vocals and evocative beats; that takes you on a journey of her life within the music industry. Over the course of eight days of constant writing and recording, Anarchy's created; a bold and evocative project that delivers Sizzy's most confident and pure work to date.

With combining her punk roots with her lyrical pop prowess, the album opens up with her heavy-hitting 'That Bitch'. A distorted, grizzly track that delves into the artists' feelings as she experiences the midst of a painful breakup. Through crashing beats and grungy rhythms, Sizzy creates a creative energy track that sets a tone for the rest of the album. Juxtaposed by the slow-burner 'Spill My Guts' that's filled with eerie atmospheric guitar riffs alongside chronicle beats; Sizzy embarks on the feeling of owning up to her emotions and secrets.

Throughout the album, Sizzy breaks the boundaries as she challenges what it means to be a pop artist in 2020. The likes of 'Running With Scissors' and 'Crazy Bitch' hit the mark as she spins back to her punk roots crafted alongside a slow rendition of hip-hop beats and funky rhythms. Followed through the perfect fitting single 'Smells like Sex' - a two minute grimy yet clever banger fulfilled with captivating hooks and violent beats. Punching through the listener's ear as it captures the intensity of what it feels like to want someone, but still in control.

'Rollerskating', a heartbreaking single that reminisces a past romance, but something everyone can resonate. Through heartstring guitars and delicate vocals, Sizzy hypnotizes you as she learns life is worth to celebrate. Becoming fans favourite, Sizzy allows listeners to delve into the vulnerability of the artist. Whilst she accepts the heartbreak, she also dabbles in the fun and freedom through 'Straight to Mars' - an in your face anthem that flows through the lightness of punk energy.

Closing the album with '& It Feels Like Love' a psychedelic dream that jumps into the fantasies of a pure relationship that seems all too perfect. To then finally closing off the project with her indie-rock inspired 'Queen of The World', keeping to her values and reminding listeners they are the creators of their own life and they can whoever they want to be. Sizzy Rocket has created an independent yet vulnerable album that allows listeners to delve into her life even as far as her deepest secrets.

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