Sister. EP – Something / Nothing

Brooklyn-based band Sister. return with their sophomore EP, Something / Nothing.

Photo Credit: Jon Merlino

Formed in 2014, the band is headed by Hannah Pruzinsky and Ceci Sturman, with recent addition James Chrisman. Sister. are notable for their ethereal vocals and folk-style guitar arrangements, and Something / Nothing is no exception – illustrating stories of intimacy, love and individuality through their poignant lyrics.

The EP opens with 'Hideaway',a beautiful track that pines for safety within vulnerability. It begins with an acoustic guitar arpeggio, building layers of lulling harmonies and swelling guitars as the song progresses. As the narrator’s walls begin to fall, these layers mirror that feeling of revealing oneself honestly without fear or hesitation.

'Girl' takes an indie-folk turn, its percussive element reminiscent of Big Thief. The track closes on the simple but powerful mantra, ‘I am different now.’ It is definitive and pressing, chorusing on the question of who will stay through the changes. 'Fighter' seems to answer the second track, celebrating growth in the relationship with oneself. The grunge-toned guitars that embellish the second half of the song contrast its warm vocal performance and distant chimes, making it the perfect love letter to evolving. Shimmery acoustics and bending instrumentals define the last track, ‘Something.’ Where the first three pieces on the project asked questions about love and change, the EP’s final track marks its resolution – illuminating acceptance and letting go.

Speaking on the EP, Sister. credits multi-instrumentalist and engineer Dylan McKinstry and elaborated further: “Something / Nothing welcomes listeners into a new intimacy with the band – unrequited-self-sabotaging love, the ever-evolving, ever confusing relationship to oneself, a fractured ankle, growing older.”

Something / Nothing is a stunning project, illustrating raw and honest stories in its gentle yet dynamic delivery.

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