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siné - '2GOOD2U'

Originally set for the perfect break-up song, Danish newcomer siné switches it up last minute with the infectious feeling of self-love within her latest single, '2GOOD2U'.

Touched with the feeling of girl power, but also delving into the insecurities of yourself. siné '2GOOD2U' is fulfiled with the contradictions of life portrayed by the funky off-set beats and sounds that scream 90s RnB. All whilst sharing the story of a young woman finding herself after the experiences of a break-up, buttoned-up by the intimate lyricism she presents that spark fun yet vulnerability.

Speaking further of the track, siné noted: "‘2GOOD2U’ is about the inner fight that comes with not being able to stand up for your ridiculous self when life needs to change. It’s a reminder that you are the one in your life who can make the chance to move forward from what might seem like a catch-22."

With slowly finding her path into the European music scene, '2GOOD2U' is the carefree feeling to end a summer of ups and downs, and one that gives siné a step in the right direction.