SIENNE - 'Side By Side'

The four-piece indie rock band from Liverpool have released their third single 'Side By Side', an emotive indie-rock tune for fans of early Coldplay and The Courteeners.

Photo courtesy of Petty Management

Taken from the band's as-yet-untitled upcoming EP, 'Side By Side' is a striking track which follows previous singles 'Coming Alive' and 'Where Is Home?', both of which will also feature on the EP.

'Side By Side' is an emotive rollercoaster through compelling lyrics based upon a personal place. While the singles take a different approach compared to other releases, it allows listeners to view a different side of the band. Opening with a glazed guitar, the fierce vocals encaptivates you before the strong bursts' rhythms take you on a journey throughout the single.

The indie rock band, fronted by Warringtonian single Calan Nickle said: “I wrote this song just under a year ago after finding clarity from a low point in my life, I found myself asking why I was writing constantly about the negatives. I had a little moment where I began to see things clearer and this song was written as a message to myself to let go of all the rubbish going on in my head and that I should embrace the new things happening. I wanted the song itself to match the lyrics in how it starts as a no holds barred cry for help, and the understanding comes as the song progresses. For me, the song itself is a long, long road from being in a bad place to finding clarity and I think it came to life once we'd finished it in the studio, it's a very personal song and one that defines what we are as a band, it came from nothing, a darker place and ventured forward into the unknown.”

With only three singles under their belt, SIENNE have gained attention from BBC Introducing Merseyside, a multitude of independent radio stations across the world and their debut single 'Where is Home?' premiered back at the Liverpool vs Manchester United match in January 2020.

Don't forget to listen to their latest single 'Side By Side' here.

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