Sienne Debut EP - We All Look to the Same Sky

Four-piece indie-rock band immerse through the oaths of Liverpool with the final touch of their debut EP 'We All Look to the Same Sky'.

Depicting from their past year, Sienne have gone from one track to another that's leading to the rise of one exciting band, set past the northern boundaries and mellowing in the ears of a southerner. From the emotive 'Side by Side' to the rhythmic 'We All Look to the Same Sky', Sienne debut project is one to be not ignored.

Opening with the emphatic debut 'Where is Home?', the quartet travels through subtle rock beats with the striking vocals that lead into 'Coming Alive'. A striking offering fulfilled with the smoky atmospheric soundscape of crashing drum that flow alongside the staple vocals the lead singer Jack Daniels possess. Whilst we are paying attention to the detail of the production, the lyricisms deeper meaning throughout weaves together each track.

On the other hand, the band's glazing approach towards 'Side by Side' is a rollercoaster of emotion yet resonates with listeners as they open their vulnerability from past experiences. Whilst keeping to their inspirations, the bursting production with the fierce vocals keep listeners within the journey of the six-track EP.

Although the EP tells us a lot about the band, Sienne said: “Generally, we write as a unit; an idea may stem from one person but, we like to develop as a group, and at first, we could function much like we’re used to, writing together physically in a room. However, as the world began to fall into the COVID hole that we currently still find ourselves in, we had to change our method." They added: "Luckily, we all have home setups for recording, which allowed us to pass ideas along with a sort of electronic supply chain, and once restrictions eased slightly to allow us to get in the studio, we did and continued the creative process there. A lot of the themes in the EP reflect the situations we have found ourselves in this year, overwhelmingly the need to spread positivity and to come together to help one another wherever possible.”

Closing off with the addictive modernised rock anthem 'Can You Hear Me Now?' to the final piece of the puzzle 'We All Look to the Same Sky'; Sienne debut EP is a melancholic indie-rock process of emotion perfect for the walls of lockdown.

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