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SHRINK Debut Self-Titled EP

22-year-old Shrink - formerly known as Sam Breathwick - most recent work to date is cathartic yet moving self-titled EP that travels through the ups and downs of his past year.

Already gaining critics hearts and best known for his work with Connie Constance and NAYANA IZ. Shrink has immersed through his travels, and as he commutes from Kent to London, he has bought his own work to life through the torts of dark pop with the subtle tones of alt-rock.

Bringing an ode to the unconditional love you show someone within the dark moments and taking the perspective of his brother experiences, Shrink draws the curtain open with 'Cut You Loose'. Through the ruminate ambient that sighed by the swallow synths, Shrink lyrically hooks us with the introspective story of removing someone from your life.

We are then followed through by 'Drowning - an experimental approach that asides the perspective of the all-consuming demise of a relationship. As he steps in his brother's shoes, listeners fragment through a wave of downtempo textures that ricochet with dazed vocals. Whilst, Shrink impresses throughout, he keeps his experimental touch on genres intact as 'Memory Lane' is mixed between melancholic instrumentals that create a soothing atmosphere.

At only five-tracks, we become aware of the artist's surroundings that have shaped his career, which leads to the closing of two tracks. Firstly, 'Eraser' a powerful marker of the unconditional care his mum showed for his mother - stitched together by the detailed lyricism with the bitter-sweet acoustic production. To be closed off by 'Rodeo' which, is dominated by the journey he portrays, flowing above the air of sadness through the brass instrumentals with echoing production.

Whilst the uniqueness of the experimental genres within his debut EP should not be ignored, SHRINK latest venture is a spiral of emotions that show a raw honesty to his work and one that sticks him out from others.