Shears - 'Afterthought'

Edinburgh based musician Becca Shearing aka Shears, brings it to the dancefloor with the brooding electro 'Afterthought'.

Following the successful introduction of 2020, Shears has vastly honed her craft and storms into 2021 with 'Pick Me Up' and now the dark atmospherics of 'Afterthought'. Held together by the ruminated basslines with the forceful yet addictive beats, Shears vocal performance takes centre stage.

Through the infectious productions, Shears embraces the emotions of self-worth. Speaking more, she added: "Everybody else can see that there is something wrong going on in their life, but that person doesn't have the confidence to step back and see it for themselves. It can be really tough to recognise your self-worth, and so the message of the song is to trust your gut because it's always right."

With the nostalgic times of nightlife slowly opening up, Shears offers high serotonin throughout 'Afterthought' to help us relive the moments we have missed.

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