Self Esteem Live from The Joiners

25-years on from her first appearance at The Joiners, Self Esteem, aka Rebecca Lucy Taylor, didn't disappoint, but the crowd did.

Following the release of her critically acclaimed sophomore album Prioritise Pleasure, Esteem has enjoyed a series of dates across the UK and have picked up critics attention as the arguably most risen artist of 2021 continues to prove against the odds. From her journey of Slow Club to now, Esteem ventures through the confidence ooze of her own pop identity. However, the sold-out affair, filled from the brim with a surprisingly mixed audience, didn't live up to the hype.

With the opening support acts of Soft Lad and Human Interest setting the mood, Esteem took to the stage with the electric version of 'I'm Fine' followed with a disappointing reaction from the singer-songwriter as she reminded the audience "prioritise pleasure even on a Tuesday". As myself and my fellow friend enjoyed an hour of a tracklist including both the wonders of her second album and her first taste of music such as 'Girl Crush' and 'In Time' - Esteem show wasn't just a series of singles, but a journey of a young woman who has entailed the ups and downs of the music industry.

Helped by the talented dancers and vocalists Marged Sion & Levi Heaton, Mike Park on the drums, and finally, Sophie Galpin on the bass & keys, fans if that's what you would call it, were graced by high energy routines and anthems that were ready for the big stage. From the soaring 'MOODY' to the hit single 'I Do This All The Time', Esteem closed with the encore strip backed 'John Elton' and the astounding 'The Best'.

Presence with an artist in her element and graced with a future, Self Esteem might have wanted to forget about this night, but I don't think I will.

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